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" Eliza said最刺激的乱惀视频在线观看

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" Eliza said最刺激的乱惀视频在线观看

Autors Note:Sorry for the long wait between updates. I started some night classes and so I have even less free time now. Plus I had to rewrite this chapter three times from scratch, so I hope you enjoy it. I have blocked the comments because there are far to many retards visiting this site, if you have something to say to me pm via my profile page Thanks!Supernatural Nation: Chapter 9 Chapter 9: The End The next morning Anthony was awake before the sun arose. He quietly slipped out of bed, without disturbing the others, and headed for the bathroom. After a quick shower he made his way into the kitchen and began making breakfast. "Couldn't sleep either?" He spun in surprise at the voice to find Eliza standing behind him in the kitchen doorway. "No, I'm too worried about tomorrow. I'm almost certain that the meeting tomorrow will go badly, but I keep worrying and hoping that it will turn out better than I expect it to. If the meeting tomorrow takes a turn for the worst people are probably going to die. I just wish there was some way to guarantee a peaceful resolution or, at the very least, a bloodless one. I woke up after maybe an hour of sleep and just lay there thinking, wonder if we are doing the right thing," Anthony said and turned back to the stove and continued preparing the food. Eliza walked over to him and grabbed his arm forcing him to turn back and face her so she could see the worry in his eyes. "We are doing the right thing. Tomorrow could go completely pear-shaped and we could lose a lot of people but freedom is worth it. The supernatural beings of this world won't have to live in the shadows anymore. After tomorrow, one way or another, they'll be exposed. If we succeed we will all be free and if we fail... If we fail we will escape with everyone we can save and begin again somewhere new," she said and wrapped her arms around his waist squeezing him tightly. He sighed into her hair and returned her embrace and tried to relax and not think about the coming day. "I do have some good news for you though," she said in a sing-song voice and reached into her back pocket. She pulled out a silver cigar case and presented it to him with it laying across her palm. "Thanks! Now I can take up smoking cigars, knowing with certainty that my smokes will alway be fresh," he said with mock enthusiasm and lifted his arms in a triumphant pose. Not amused she punched him in the stomach and his breath whooshed out with a grunt. "Dork, it isn't a cigar case. It is an applicator for medication," she announced and snatched it from his hand. "See these buttons," she asked and turned the case to display four tiny buttons jutting from the side of the tube he hadn't seen. "The green one is to inject the medicine. You just press the tip to the patient and press the button," which she did and an inch long needle shot out and retracted almost too fast to see. "No medicine came out," Anthony observed. "Thank you Captain Obvious," she said still miffed at his belittling her work. "The applicator will only release the medicine inside if it meets resistence, like skin for example. The yellow button is to load the next dose, which is stored in the applicator. It can hold up to five doses. The red button ejects the doses capsules in the applicator. Lastly, the black button will trigger a self-destruct, which will disintegrate the applicator not blow it up," she said and handed it back to him. "Nifty, what medicine is in it," he asked confused and she laughed and shook her head. "What medicine did you ask for doofus," she asked and stepped closer, leaning her head against his chest. It took him a few moments but he remembered and a smile split his face. "This is the vampire aging medicine," he asked to be sure and she nodded rubbing her face against his chest with the motion. He tugged on her hair until she tilted her head back, then he kissed her deeply. "I love you," he told her. "Me too," she replied. "I'm gonna go tell Kira the good news, you want to come," he asked. She shook her head and released him before turning to the stove. "You go ahead I'll just finished making the breakfast that you started," she told him and with a thought he was gone. He appeared at the club in Jenny's empty office. He exited and nearly ran Jenny over as she was going in the opposite direction. She gave him a quick "Hi" before she hurried into her office. "Everything okay," Anthony asked and followed her in. "Yes, everything is fine, just busy. Everyone is packing and bringing their families to the club so we can be teleported to the space station if the world leaders reject us," she said and dropped into her chair with a relieved sigh. "Good, where is Kira? I have a present for her," he said with a grin. "She's at the bar eating breakfast. What is it," Anthony smiled and turned and left the office without answering. Curious, Jenny rose and followed after him as he made his way through the halls to the door leading out into the club proper. "Kira," he called when he spotted her and began walking towards her. Even though the club was closed the room was filled with vampires and their families along with their luggage. Kira turned at the sound of her name being, her fork only halfway to her mouth, and spotted him. She let the fork clatter to her plate and leap off her stool and with a squeal ran at him. She moved with vampire swiftness, since the sun hadn't risen yet, and leapt into his arms. They collided with a hollow thud, at the impact Anthony staggered and would have fallen if not for Jenny placing a steadying hand on his back. He smiled a thanks over his shoulder at her before focusing his attention on the squirming vampire child in his arms. "I have something for you," he said and pulled the medication applicator from his pocket. She looked at it with excitement, happiness, and confusion showing on her face but took it from his hands. "What is it," she asked, studying the silver object. "Remember how I said I would see about making you a grownup," he asked. "Yeah," she answered. "Well, that applicator holds the medicine to do it," he said. Her face brightened to joy as the confusion dropped away and her hold on the thing became delicate, as if she was afraid she might break it. "When can I change? Will it hurt? What will I look like," she asked rapid fire and shoved it back into his hand. "We can do it now, I don't know if it will hurt, and you will look beautiful," he said with a chuckle and set her down with a kiss on the forehead. "You'll need to undress, we don't want the dress to hurt you when to get bigger," he told her and her hand immediately began undoing then button on the front. Alarmed that she was doing this in front of everyone he pulled a blanket from thin air and wrapped it around her just before she finished the last button and shrugged it off, letting it slide to the floor. "Hold this and stick out your arm," he told her and she gripped the blanket by her neck extended an arm through the split in the front. He put the applicator to her arm and pressed the green button and Kira flinched as the needle pierced her flesh. They stood waiting few a moment but nothing happened and Kira was becoming impatient. "It didn't work," she said sadly and let her head droop. Anthony's heart clenched at her misery and he hugged her to him. She wrapped her arms around his waist in return and the blanket was held in place pinned between them. Suddenly Kira began to grow, and in the space of five seconds the top of her head touched Anthony's chin. He smiled happily and looked down into a smiling face and ruby colored eyes. He could still see Kira in the face of the girl who clung to him. Her face was still adorably cute and innocent looking, but devoid of the baby fat it looked more mature. Her eyes had changed to the same vibrant liquid red of a flawless ruby and they sparkled with joy. He leaned down to kiss her forehead but she tilted her head back and their lips pressed together softly. It was only then that he notice that her abrupt increase in height had dislodged the blanket, causing it to part in the front. While her naked, now fully matured, body pressed against his front her body was hidden from the rest of the room by the blanket. He instantly began to harden at the feel of her soft breasts pressed tightly to his chest, and she grinned as she felt his rise. With a gulp, and a twinge of regret, he let his magic flow over her to form a dress. The top part hung from her shoulders by two straps and dipped dangerously exposing a lot of her now ample cleavage and extended to below her breasts, baring a good six inches of pale flawless skin of her belly. Two pieces of fabric descended along her sides to attach the skirt and the top. The skirt road low on her hips, falling to her ankles, and when she stepped back to examine her new outfit it flared with her every movement. "Guess I'd better not twirl or everyone would get a free show huh," she asked jokingly. Anthony blushed realizing that he'd forgotten to give her panties and rectified it with a thought. She lifted the front of her dress, only he was in a position to see, and examined the lacy black panties he created. "Very nice," she said with a grin and let the fabric fall back into place. Anthony notice the silence in the room and looked around to find everyone staring at them in shocked disbelief. "What," he asked confused and Jenny grinned. "It's nothing, you'd think by now that anything you do wouldn't surprise us," she replied and a chuckle ran through the room and everyone went back to what they had been doing. Kira moved closer drawing his attention and smiled when she caught his eyes. "So how about now," she asked. "What do you mean," Anthony asked, confused. "I asked you once if you'd marry me too, when I got bigger. Now I'm bigger," she said and held out her arms and twirled to display herself to him. He licked his lips as he ogled her but he didn't know if she was mature enough to understand what she was asking, yet. She read the indecision and desire on his face and stepped close enough that her chest caressed his and waited for him to look down at her. When he did she wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on the tip of her toes to whisper in his ear. "I was an eight hundred year old vampire trapped in an eight year old's body, my intellect and mental maturity constantly fighting against my under developed body and childlike instincts. Even being stuck so young, I acquired certain... hungers I just didn't have an outlet with a decent person. Every night since I met you I have played with myself imagining it was you, but I knew you wouldn't touch my body as it was. Now I know you want me, I can see it, and I will not let you deny me," she said softly than roughly grabbed his hair and forced his mouth to hers. Speechless he returned her kiss with a passion that matched hers. "A little excited are we," she asked with a lusty laugh and ground against his erection, which was fighting to burst free of his pants. She stopped and pulled away laughing again at his involuntary moan of displeasure. "Let's go somewhere a little less public," she said and shot him a smoldering look over her shoulder. She blurred from the room at vampire speed with Anthony close on her heels not even paying attention to where they were going, just moving his body to match hers. In a few seconds they were standing in Jenny's office and Anthony closed the door and locked it. She swept her arm across the desk sweeping all the stuff to the ground and turned back to the door. She saw Anthony's surprised expression and chuckled before sliding one of the straps from her shoulder, baring the perfect porcelain skin beneath. "Are you surprised? I bet you didn't know that I was such a dirty girl to have fantasized doing it with you on Jenny's desk before," she said and pushed the other strap off and the dress began to slide down but caught on her breasts. She smiled at him and began sway her hips and the movement dislodged the dress, which dropped to her feet in a pile. Anthony swallowed still unmoving as she dropped the panties and bra he'd made for her, to the floor. She smiled at him and stepped backwards and lifted herself to the desk behind her, where she spread her legs lewdly. Anthony's breathing was nothing but labored pants and she smiled at him and slid a finger into her mouth before dragging it down her body to run along the outside of her pussy. She moaned at the contact and watched him through heavily lidded eyes as she dipped a finger into herself and brought it up to her mouth. "Whenever you decide what you want to do, just go ahead," she said after she withdrew the finger. Faster then an eyeblink he was there, mouth at the junction of her legs, and she moaned as he devoured her. She was the quietest woman he'd ever touched. Her panting breath, moans, and squeals as he licked and sucked where so low that a human standing in the room not looking at them wouldn't have been aware of their actions except by the smell of sex she was giving off. Anthony with his enhanced hearing heard and smiled at the sounds not stopping what he was doing. She reached climax quickly and when she did her back arched into an almost sitting position and her legs wrapped around his head trapping him in place while her hands fisted in his hair. After almost a minute she went limp as if someone had cut the puppet strings controlling her. Anthony carefully extricated himself from her legs and stood, towering over her limp form as she lay dazed from the pleasure. He grinned before situating himself between her thighs as she lay unresponsive. He waited there, just running his hands over every part of her body that he could reach, waiting for her to recover. Finally, after several agonizing minutes that felt like an eternity to Anthony she moved. His cock ached and was demanding that he take her, Now! "What are you waiting for," she asked lifting her head and looking down to where his body remained poised ready to enter her. "You to be fully aware. Are you sure about this," he asked. She gave him an odd look before answering him. "What would you do if I said I'm not sure, let's stop here," she asked looking into his eyes. Anthony's jaw clenched in disappointment and a shudder ran down as he fought against his body and his instincts and started to step backwards. Feeling his withdrawal Kira's legs shot up and wrapped around his hips and stopping him from moving away from her. "I didn't say stop, I was only curious. I now have the answer, so let get started," she demanded and tightened her legs to pull him forward. She only partially succeeded in her plan by managing to bring him to her but his angle of approach was wrong and instead of sliding into her he slid up along her wet lips and over her clit. She groaned in frustrated pleasure at being denied what she wanted and gratefulness at the wonderful contact. "Please," she whimpered and bucked against him trying to angle her self but only managed to stroke them both a couple of times. Anthony did nothing just watched her and enjoyed the sensations her motions were giving him. "Please," she repeated her whimper now tinged with audible desperation and her bucking becoming quicker and more erratic. On an up thrust Anthony seized her hips and lifted, positioning her entrance above his throbbing erection, and released her. Without hesitation she jerked her hips down as soon as he removed her grip. She scream a mix of pleasure and pain and she climaxed and Anthony tore through her hymen. Anthony froze, gritting his teeth against the exquisite feel of her silken walls clenching and releasing around him and the pure torture of not moving in the heavenly warmth gripping him. He waited until she began to move before beginning to thrust smooth and slow until she became used to the sensations. He paid attention to her body looking for signal on how to proceed and after a few minutes she began tightening her legs to drive him deeper and faster. He obliged her unspoken demand and picked up the pace and then leaned in to kiss her. He was only slightly surprised to find her fangs distended and didn't bat and eyelash when one of her fangs nicked his tongue. She moaned into his mouth and began suck on his tongue enthusiastically while her hips began thrusting rapidly up to meet his thrusts. He growled and sped up to match her thrusts as he enjoyed the intoxicating taste of her mouth mixed with the copper of his own blood. "Now," she screamed ripping her mouth from his and arching her body as she exploded into another orgasm. "Yes," she cried out again when she felt the warmth of Anthony cumming deep inside her. Anthony collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him, holding him in place. "That was much better than I fantasized it would be," she said after her breathing returned to normal. "I aim to please," Anthony said with a chuckle, his face resting sideways using one of her breasts as a pillow. "I wonder how big they are," Kira said cupping her free breast squeezing it slightly. "I'd say at least a C-cup," Anthony guessed while he watched her fondle her own chest. "You should probably get going it is almost time for you to head to the UN meeting," Kira said suddenly. Anthony's eyes shot to the clock and saw that he only had five minutes before he'd be late. He leapt up and hurriedly got dressed leaned over Kira, who hadn't moved, and gave her a kiss. "Sorry about the hasty goodbye but I've got a meeting," he said let out a laugh at how normal that line would have sounded coming from someone else and vanished. "If he doesn't get here soon I'll-," Liz was saying as she paced back and forth when he appeared. "Where were you," she demanded and marched towards him with a glare. "Uhh," he said backing away from her. She was moving faster and when she came closer she sniffed and her eyes narrowed to angry slits. "You were off having sex while we were here waiting for you? With who exactly we were all here," she asked her voice deceptively calm and completely at odds with the pissed look on her face. "Umm," he said still backing away to stay out of her reach. "I suspect to was with Kira," Eliza said nonplussed from the couch. Liz eyes shot open in surprise and when she saw the guilty low on his her face shifted from pissed to murderous. Her eyes silvers in power and a sudden gust of wind slammed into Anthony's chest lifting him bodily and pinning him to the wall. "You touched a child? That's fucking sick," she screamed, her voice barely audible over the howl of the wind, as she held him pinned. At first Anthony had been surprised by her reaction until he heard her accusation and his surprise shift to hurt and anger. He let his own power free and he dropped to his feet as then wind she had summon parted around him by his will alone. He took an angry step towards her his anger flaring that she could think he would do something so repulsive but stopped himself after that one step. He figured that Eliza hadn't taken them, leaving him to break the news when he wanted, but that she didn't trust him hurt more than her accusations. He let his head fall forward his midnight hair cascading forward and obscuring the pained expression on his luminous face. He turned and walked out of the room, ignoring Liz's magic as she tried to pull him back into the room. She turned back to the room still fuming only to catch of Eliza standing behind her skin and eyes glowing with power before pain exploded in the side of her face. "How dare you," Eliza demanded through gritted teeth rubbing her hand on her hip. It took Liz a moment to understand that Eliza had slapped her since the unexpected blow had dazed her. "You expect me to just look the other way when he molested a child," Liz demanded when she could speak again. He powers faded and her eyes reverted to normal as she rubbed her tender check. Eliza growled deep in her chest like a canine and took a step forward but Risa was there and grabbed her sister's arm. "This is Anthony we're talking about do really think he would harm a child," Eliza said, her disgust clear in her tone. Liz opened her mouth to shoot back a reply but Eliza's words sank in and she paused. She had to admit that it didn't sound like him at all but she had seen his guilty look. "You said he was having sex with Kira and I saw the look of guilt on his face," Liz said looking up at Eliza confuse and Eliza's face softened slightly but still look severe. "I finished the vampire aging medicine last night and he took it to Kira this morning. As for the guilty look you accused him off having sex while we were waiting for him and he was so he would look guilty for that now wouldn't he," Eliza explained. Liz's eyes widened in understanding and then horror as she fully grasped her mistake and she scrambled to her feet and ran from the room after Anthony. "We're going to be late," Eliza said looking over at the clock on the wall. Five minutes after Liz followed after Anthony her moans could be heard from the backroom and they all opened themselves to share in the two siblings' pleasure. Thirty minutes after Anthony had arrived home they were all once again standing in the living room all ready to go. "Alright, once we get there Kylie will seal all the doors and Risa will take care of any guards in the room. Liz stay with me and feel free to offer any advice that you might have," Anthony ordered and they all nodded. He smiled in return and with a thought moved them all into the room filled with the world leaders or at least their representatives. The room was not unlike the ampitheatre that he'd had held the gathering of the supernaturals in, with the exception that the previous one had been constructed of white marble and this one was wood and plush chairs. Anthony and the others appeared on the stage behind the President, who happened to be speaking. "This is why I believe we should form a...," was all the President could say before the his guards,18禁裸露啪啪网站免费漫画 four of them, having become immediately aware of their presence drew their weapons and began shouting orders. Risa and Kylie moved at the same instant, Risa flashed forward so fast she was nothing but a blur even to Anthony's eyes so he doubted that the humans even saw her coming. She was back standing beside him all the while a loud groaning echoed through the room as Kylie warped the wooden doors shut and reinforced them. Kylie handed him the guns she had taken from the guards and examine them curiously. He'd always wanted to use one before and he had to fight back his desire to begin dismantling them to see exactly how they were put together. Instead he willed them to melt and they liquified in his palm like and ice-cube in a bonfire, and slid off to puddle at his feet. Everyone stared at the black puddle of metal on the ground in disbelief as Anthony looked up and studied them. "There is no need for violence we just want to talk," Anthony said drawing all of their attention to him. "Talk about what," the president asked pulling his arm from the grip of one of his guards, who was still trying to moved him away from the stage all the while shoot hostile glares at Anthony. "Existence, or more precisely the existence of sentient beings on this planet other than humans. Also on how we might co-exist peacefully now that humans will be aware of their existence," Anthony explained. The president stared at him open-mouthed and then chuckled before bursting into loud guffaws. Some of the other delegates joined him in his laughter, while some looked at Anthony with pity, some with disgust, and others with expressionless faces. Anthony said nothing he just let his power lose in his body and his skin fade to show the molten energy running through him and his midnight hair blew in a breeze that wasn't there. Kylie and Risa followed his example and their blood-red power was more beautiful and terrifying shining from within the gorgeous twins. The laughter in the room died instantly while everyone took a step back away from them. "What exactly are you proposing," the president asked. The others sat silently listening, willing to let him speak for now. Anthony looked around the room before taking a deep breath and speaking in a voice that easily reached every corner of the room. "There exists, in each of your countries, supernatural beings living along side of you. They have always been there hiding in the shadows or walking among you in a human disguise. They hide from persecution at human hands. The same persecution that they have faced every time they have been revealed to the world. I have come forward to tell you this because humanity has already driven and will continue to drive more of these races to extinction if changes are not made. I am not blaming you since you were not aware but now that you are change must come. I hope for a peaceful co-existence between all the peoples that live in this world and their supernatural citizens," Anthony said. "The United States would be willing to accept you with conditions," the president replied. The delegates for Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, and few others Anthony didn't recognized all voice agreement with this while a few of the others remained silent. Those that didn't remain silent or agree with the president began agrue with the ones who'd agreed to maybe accept the supernaturals. Anthony heard the words abomination, monster, and unnatural and shoke his head sadly. "What exactly will the conditions be Mr. President," Anthony asked refocusing his eyes back on the man. "Lists of all supernaturals known to you and you are to submit to tests, to make sure it is safe for people to live around you," he said. "What would you need such lists for? For the second request we have lived among you for years how could our mere presence be harmful now," Anthony asked not bothering to tell them he had been a supernatural for very long. "These are the requirements for each of you to be issued citizenship," the president said ignoring his questions. Those who had agreed with him before all murmured their approval. Anthony opened his mouth to speak but his cell phone vibrating in his pocket stopped him. "Please excuse me," he said aloud and pulled it out. "I'm kinda busy at the moment," he said as he answered. "Anthony it's Tina, the FED's were just through here. They searched the place and kept asking questions about you and the girls, especially Liz. I think they had another group at your house," she said her voice expressing the worry she felt. "Alright thanks I'll handle it," Anthony replied his voice grateful but tight with anger. "Risa how well did you protect the house," Anthony asked as he dialled the number. "I warped the doors shut and made the windows unbreakable," she replied her gaze turning to him to take in his tense expression. "What's wrong," she asked. "FED's sowed up at the Eternal Night. They searched the place and kept asking questions about us. And neither Cassey or Cindy answering the phone," he answered. He turned away from the UN delegates and waved his hand turning the entire back wall into a view of the back his house. As he watched as it zoomed in through the wall to show a view of the kitchen and Anthony's room. His room was empty but Cassey and her mother were sitting at the table in the kitchen, both looked afraid and Anthony could hear a loud banging from the front of the house. He twitched his hand and the view blurred as the image change to a view of the front. Eight men were on the porch, four weapon up and ready as the other four hammered on the door with a compact battering ram. Anthony could see the door cracking under their assault and rage flooded through him. "Anthony calm down your starting to glow," Kylie said placing a restraining glow on his shoulder, but her words weren't very convincing due to the suppressed rage in her own voice. Anthony kept himself from lighting up like a christmas tree but only barely. "What's going on," the president asked from close behind him. "My sister, Liz," he said gesturing to Liz. "She was badly injured and was taken to the hospital. She healed rapidly due to Kylie's help, too rapidly as one of her doctors noted. He decided that she needed to be studied and when we refused and removed her from the hospital he contacted the FBI. Since then they have harassed us continuously, claiming that some unknown drug is what allowed her to heal so fast. Recently I gave a club I owned to one of my loyal employees and they just searched the place asking for information about Liz. Now as you can see they are attempting to break into my house where my pregnant wife and her mother happen to be," Anthony said just as the front door buckled. "Risa, bring them here," he said and she vanished. Anthony watched as she appeared in the kitchen next to Cindy. She pulled Cindy from her seat and then helped a struggling Cassey to her feet before the Feds began pouring into the room. They had their weapon pointed at them and were screaming out orders to get down and put their hands on their heads. Risa lift a hand, there was a thunderous boom and all eight of the men were launched backward off their feet. Risa grabbed Cassie and Cindy and in a flash before the Feds had even hit the ground their were standing next to Anthony. "They can't get into the other doors in the basement can they," Anthony asked as Cassie threw herself at him and clutched him to her tightly as she trembled with nerves and fear. "No, Eliza removed them," Kylie answered and ran soothing hand down Cassie's back. "What did she do to those officers," the president asked his gaze still on the view of Anthony house. Before Risa could answer the eight men dazedly rose to their feet and began searching the house. "I create a focuSed sonic detonation in front of them, other than a head ache they should be fine," Risa replied. "Resisting arrest is illegal," the president said. "So is harassment but your FBI agents don't seem to have a problem with it. Also I pretty sure its illegal to arrest people or invade their homes without proof of wrong doing. I have no intention of surrendering my family members into the clutches of such corrupt people," Anthony shot back and the president's face reddened in anger. Anthony waved his free hand and the image vanished returning the wall back to normal. "I will not give you list of supernaturals so that you can falsely accuse them for things they have not done, so you may arrest them use them as lab rats. If the FBI would try to arrest my sister just because she can heal fast whether it was a self invented drug or not does not bode well for any creature with natural rapid healing abilities. We will not be poked and prodded, we have just as much right to our privacy as you. I have to decline giving into your requests," Anthony said running a calming hand through Cassie's hair as her shaking subsided. "If you are not willing to co-operate then you will all be detained forcibly. We cannot have dangerous beings running, unchecked, around our cities for the sake of our citizens," the president proclaimed and agreeing murmur swept through the room. Anthony looked around the room sadly and sighed before flipping open his phone. "Yes," Eliza answered on the first ring. "Send out the signal for the other to prepare the teleport locations and finish prepping the station, we're leaving. After you get everyone situated come to our location and leave your phone with who ever is piloting the station. Who is piloting the station anyway," Anthony asked. "Galina. See you in a few," Eliza said and hung-up. "What are you doing," the president asked. "Since we cannot come to an agreement and I cannot in good conscience allow, any of the supernaturals who have joined me, to suffer because of humankind. We're leaving we will go and create a new place where we maybe free," Anthony explained. "Where could you possibly go there is no unclaimed land anywhere on the planet." "True, but we won't be staying on the planet," Anthony proclaimed and with a thought a ten foot tall perfect replica of the solar system appeared before him. Anthony reached out and with a finger tapped Mars as it circled the sun. "Here is where we will go," he said to himself as he pictured it in his mind. "No one can survive there," the president answer as he stared at Anthony as if he were insane. "No 'human' could survive there and truthfully, neither could most of the supernaturals but with a little tweaking they could. Mars' atmosphere is close enough to our own that only a little altering will make it livable and with a whole bunch of trees oxygen wouldn't be a problem. Six months to two years tops and the terraforming would be complete then we'd have a new home. We will spread out and our numbers will increase from the few supernaturals that have managed to survive all these years in hiding. There will be no pollution, crime will be dealt with in the only way that it should have ever been dealt with, an blood for blood. There will be no prison fulled to the brim with murders, rapists, and child molesters who at some later date will be released back into society to prey on the innocent again. It will be a world of the free as safe as we can possibly make it," Anthony said. "Where do you expect to live for the next two years on this 'station' of yours, because you will not be allowed to fly in our air space," the president demanded. "Everything is in motion, give the ship five minutes and it will take off," Eliza said, appearing just as the president finished. "Good. You want to know where we will lived, Mr. President," Anthony asked and waved his hand. "Here is where we will live," he continued. The wall show a silver wall of steel and a concrete floor but the object came slowly into focus as the image pulled back to show a mammoth ship sitting inside the hangar. As the image pulled back even farther to show two other vessels that where around half the size of the center positioned on either side. "This will be our home for the duration of the terraforming and some will inevitably choose to stay there permanently. My beautiful wife Eliza here, design and over saw its construction," Anthony informed him proudly. "Where is this?" "Beneath my house," Anthony replied although he didn't know who'd asked the question since his attention was locked on the middle ship which had begun to rise from the floor. "It's not going anywhere yet, that is only the propulsion jets starting to warm up," Eliza explained to Anthony her eyes focused on the ship too. "Yes, hello," Anthony heard just before every cellphone in the room began going off. "They saw a what," the president demanded into the phone and Anthony watched curiously. "You wouldn't happen to know what is going on would you," the president demand with a suspicious glare when he hung up his phone. "What happened," we have satellite images showing very large flashes of intently bright light across the globe. "It is the teleport locations activating," Eliza explained. She waved her hand and the image of the space station shrank to only cover half the wall while the rest was taken up with dozens of smaller screens. Some showed figures running for glowing bodies of water while others show nothing since the being there were already gone. The screens that showed nothing vanish and the other screens grew to take up the space. With a flash each scene vanished and Anthony's relief grew as the number of scenes dwindled. So far no blood had been spilt and more than half the scenes were gone as the people in them were whisked away to safety. There was only two scenes left when things took a turn for the worse. One scene showed a large settlement the Fae the water flashing brightly and rapidly as each fairies jumped into it until only one familiar fairy remained. Amy was standing near the water looking around, obviously searching for someone. The other screen showed a small goblin village with a group of men standing on an overlooking ridge firing down at the goblins who were hiding behind their huts. "Risa, go help Amy with whatever is taking her. Kylie get the goblins to the water and help any of the wounded that you can. Eliza, remain here and protect the others I will be back shortly," Anthony ordered. "Where are you going," the president asked before Anthony could will himself away. He took and alarmed step back when Anthony turned molten eyes to look at him before answering. "To protect my people," he said simply and vanished. The room watched captivated as Kylie appeared next to the goblins and hardened the air between them and the men to create a barrier that deflected the bullets. She tried to usher to goblin to safety but they remained surrounding a fallen figure in their midst that she had missed at first. When she tried to go to the fallen goblin the others tried to stop her but she paid them no attention and simply shoved them all out of the way with a thought. They screeched and yelled at her in their language but she ignored them as she recognized one of the queens from the meeting. She lifted the injured goblin and began healing her as she headed for the small glowing pond near the village. The firing from the men was broken by a scream which was followed by absolute silence. Anthony appeared next to the men as Kylie appeared down in the village. They didn't notice him at first but when he reached the first man he simply grabbed the mans neck and whipped him sideways the inertia breaking his neck with a sharp crack. Anthony grabbed the gun from his limp hands and took aim before emptying it into the men next to him. Three of them fell dead before the clip ran dry and Anthony let it fall to the ground. His fingers lengthened to claws as the men, now aware of his presence, turned and began firing on him. So angry, he didn't think to dodge he simply stepped forward as bullets punched holes in his body and sliced the next man's throat open with a roar of pain and rage. He lifted the man and chucked him at the next one as he pulled the gun from his grip. He used the gun to kill the rest except for the one who'd been struck by the flying body of his friend. The man whimpered in fear as Anthony stepped forward and tried to bring up his gun but it was trapped beneath the lifeless body on top of him. The man opened his and screamed Anthony's foot came down and crushed his skull cutting off the sound. Blood and brain matter oozed across the ground and Anthony's stomach lurched at the sight but he swallowed and forced himself to stay calm. He looked toward in the direction to see lights flashing over the ridge though he didn't have a view of below. He sighed and with a thought appeared back on stage. Liz and Cassie both let out little shriek of dismay and ran to him. They began having hysterics at all the blood and the bullet holes until the bullets were pushed out by the rapid healing abilities of his body. Kylie added her magic to his healing when she appeared only moments after him. "See, good as new," he told Liz and Cassie as the last bullet hole closed and he willed himself clean with a thought. The only evidence of his involvement was the bullet holes his clothes now sported that he hadn't bother to fix. "You murdered those men," the president suddenly accused. Kylie stepped forward with anger painting her feature but Anthony stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. She remained silent but settled for glaring at the president instead. "I was protecting my people," Anthony stated. "Those... things are not your people. They aren't even human and you could have stopped them without killing them we all saw your disregard for bullets," he replied. "First off they ARE my people and I am not human either, not anymore. And why should I refrain from killing men who tried to kill me people? So you can arrest them and throw them in jail? Then what? You'll release them in a few years to be a danger to all the tax payers, whose money you waste to keep the scum alive in the first place. I say fuck that bullshit, you try to kill or mine and you die first it's that simple," Anthony said. A rumble issued from the image of the ship, which now took up the screen again, and it began to rise towards the ceiling over head. Anthony worried for a moment that Risa had not yet returned but he pushed the concern from his mind knowing she was capable of taking care of herself. "Finally," Anthony said and pulled out his phone. "You ready," he asked when it was answered. "Of course," Lucy Hall answered. "Good you better start filming something a lot better than some FBI agents is about to happen. Thanks for your help," Anthony replied and ended the call. The wall once again split into two images the slowly rising ship which was beginning to speed up and the second showed a news room. "Now we go to Lucy Hall with this breaking news story where a team of FBI agents have just stormed a house. The image showed Lucy hall standing on the side-walk across from Anthony's house with the house in the background as people in FBI jackets entered and exited the house. "This is Lucy Hall and as you can see behind me the FBI as invaded this home which belongs to former local business ower Anthony Caine. While it seems that no one is home the agents seem to be agitated and refuse to comment," she said. On the screen with the ship as it neared the ceiling a small square began opening in the ceiling. On the screen with Lucy the camera shook and FBI agent began pouring from the house as it split clean down the center as if it had been cut in two with a scalpel. The two sides slid back until they threatened to touch the houses on the side but stopped before contact. "That will never fit," the president said and several others nodded. Anthony let out a bark of laughter at that. "After everything you've seen you think we have to obey the laws of physics," he demanded just as the ship reach the ceiling. Instead of hitting it compacted as if squeezed into a giant tube and rose through the opening before returning to normal size on the other side. It's massive bulk filled the sky above Lucy head as it rose into the sky. "We are seeing some kind of ship rise from the ground before expanding," Lucy Hall explained to the viewers. There was a far off roar issuing from the image which became a booming scream of displaced air as three jet fighters roared out of the sky and streaked passed the growing ship. Anthony's cell rang just as he pulled it out to call Galina and her number appeared on the screen. "I can see them," Anthony said into the phone before Galina could speak. "Their demanding we land and surrender ourselves into their custody," she said. "Ignore them," Anthony replied. "They've threatened to open fire if we don't comply," she informed. "I'm sure Risa had Eliza make and install some kind of defenses for that thing," Anthony said. "I did its equipped with anti-missile defenses as well as some offensive capabilities," Risa claimed from behind him and he sighed silently in relief before turning to her. He smiled at her and pulled her into a ferocious hug as the worry pushed to the back of his mind vanished. "Mr. President, I don't want those pilots or my ship damaged. Would you please call someone and have them called off," Anthony asked turning to look at him. "Have your people follow the instructions given to them by the pilots. You do not have permission to fly that vessel in United States air space," was the reply. "Fine," Anthony shot back and turned back to the image. He watched in silence as the three fighters zipped passed the space station a few times. The ship was fully out of the hangar rising higher into the sky when they decided to open fire. Six tiny trails of smoke left the jets and headed for the side of the ship as turrets mounted there began firing at the threat. The anti-missile turrets managed to detonate five of the missiles at far enough distance from the ship to receive no damage but the last missile made to only a few feet from the metal wall, that was the side of the ship, before one of the turrets destroyed it. The detonation ripped a large hole in the side of the hull and Anthony grimaced at the destruction. "We're hit," Galina said. "I know, was anyone in that section of the shit? Any casualties," he asked. "No," she replied. "Good. Shoot them down," he ordered. "No," the president protested and Anthony turned slowly to looked at him. "Yes, I gave you the opportunity to avert this violence and you chose not to. Now you'll live with the consequences of that decision and their blood will be on your hands," Anthony said a three lances of light shot from the ship the angle of the image not allowing them to see where it originated. Each of the lights unerringly struck one of the jets and they melted, no explosions or anything. All three simply turned into falling molten metal. Anthony sighed regretfully and listened to Lucy speak. "We just witnessed three fighter planes attack the unidentified vessel and in retaliation they were liquified," she commented into the mike. One of the other ship section began rising through the hangar door as the ship continued on its way unimpeded. The hole, made by the missile, slowly closed over like a wound healing at a rapid rate. "What was keeping Amy," Anthony asked Risa as they watched the ships rise into the sky. "She couldn't find her daughter. Her daughter didn't want to leave behind her pet jaguar and was hiding with the animal," Risa explained. "What did you do," he asked. "I gave her a room on the space station with the cat and set a ward so it couldn't get out into the rest of the ship," Risa replied. "I can easily picture a smaller version of Amy riding into battle standing on a jaguars head and brandishing a spear," Anthony mused and grinned at her. Her returning grin made his blood simmer and he wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her into his side. "So what now," Liz asked stopping by his side. He looked at the image of the three massive ship rising into the afternoon sky and they followed his gaze. "Now we get a new start. We'll setup our home and try to do better than we did here," he said and they watched until the ships vanished into the distance, then vanished.


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