Attending to Little T浪漫的823种方法hings


The little kindnesses and courtesies are so important. Small discourtesies, little unkindnesses, little forms of disrespect make large withdrawals. In relationships, 湖南张丽the little things are the big things.

一些看似无关紧要的小事,如忽视礼貌,不经意的讲错,最能耗费情感账户的存款。在人际关系中,侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云最重要的正是这些小事。

侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云

I remember an evening一查三督 I spent with two of my sons some years ago. It was an organized father-and-son outing, complete with gymnastics, wrestling match我为主角播撒智商es, hot dogs, orangeade, and a movie-- the works.



In the middle of the movie, Sean, who was then four years old, fell asleep in his seat. His older brother, Stephen, who was six, s继女tayed awake, and we watched the rest of the movie together. When it was over, I picked Sean up in my arms, carried him out to the car and laid him in the back seat. It was very cold that night, so I took off my coat and gently arranged it over and around him. When we arrived home, I quickly carried Sean in and tucked him into bed. After Stephen put on his "jammies" and brushed his teeth, I lay down next to him to talk about the night out to防爆拉人车gether.


Kindness /kandns/ n. 仁慈,善行

Courte火山湖怪兽sy /k:tsi/ n. 承蒙;谦恭有礼,礼貌

Withdrawal /wdr:l/ n. 移开;撤回,撤离

Remember /rmemb(r)/ v. 记住;紧记

Gym侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云nastics /dmnstks/ n. 体操运动;体操,体育

There wasn't much response on his part. I found myself making conversation. I wondered why Stephen wouldn't open up more. He usually did when exciting things happened. I was a little disappointed. I sensed something was wrong; he had been so quiet on the way home and getti邪火小径在哪ng ready for bed. Suddenly Stephen turned over on his side, facing the wall. I wondered why and lifted myself up just en集肤伴热ough to see his eyes welling up with tears.

他不怎么说话。我发现我一个人在尬聊。史蒂芬不太乐意说更多了。要知道往常他总是兴高采侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云烈地忙着发表意见,我有些小绝望。觉得有点不对劲。从回家到预备睡觉,他一直都反常的安静。忽然史蒂芬偏过头去,对着墙。我和很猎奇翻身一看,才发现他眼中噙着泪水。

"What's wron侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云g, honey? What is it?"


He turned back, and I could sense he was feeling some embarrassment for the tears and his 日看吧quivering lips and chin.


他转过头来,我能感到嘴唇和下巴微微的颤着,流家必洁拖把着侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云泪,他有点不好意思地问:

"Daddy, if I were cold, would you put your coat around me too?"


Response /rspns/ n. 反响;回tekscan答

Conversation /knvsen/ n. 攀谈,会话

Disappointed /dspntd/ adj. 绝望的;懊丧的

Embarrassment /mbrsmnt/ n. 尴尬;困顿

Quiver /kwv(r)/ v. 微颤,颤动

Of all the events of that special night out tog90010西门ether, the most important was a little act of kindness –a momentary, unconscious showing of love to his little brother.


What a powerful, personal lesson that experience was to me then and is even now. People are very tender, very sensitive inside. I don't believe age or experience makes much difference. Inside, even within the most toughened and calloused exteriors, are the tender feel习仲法ings and emotions o侯耀华,双语小故事,Attending to Little Things,小米云f the heart.


Momentary /mmn沈妙和宋席远睡过吗tri/ adj. 瞬间的;时间短的

Unconscious /nkns/ adj. 失去知觉的,无意识的

Sensitive /senstv/ adj. 灵敏的;感觉的

Calloused /klst/ adj. 粗糙的,粗硬的

Exterior /kstri(r)/ n. 外部,外面,外表

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